Lovechild 1979 SS24 at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Lovechild 1979 SS24 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Sensitive Standards

The still life work of Irving Penn possesses profound depth, exuding tactility and character that captivates and draws us in. Its allure lies in its polished yet unrefined nature.

Penn s mastery of materials is impressive, the way he understands its essence. For the Spring Summer 2024 collection we have drawn on our fascination with raw materials and our developmental processes. Embracing the tactile and the unrefined, we worked closely with the body of these materials, welcoming the intuition, and allowing their inherent qualities to come through. Letting the idea of materiality echo its own nuances.

The Spring Summer 2024 collection centers around the quintessential woman. A proficient, imaginative, self-reflective, and sophisticated individual. With a contemporary approach to our textiles, we wanted to create a body armor. A sculptural collection that compels you to draw closer, studying its form and surface.

The wearability and aesthetic appeal of our designs are to us essential. Rooted in the masculine, we integrated feminine shapes, crafting soft tailoring that embraces the body.

Seeking to manifest a multifaceted yet elegant expression, we strive to create a hybrid between atelier and soft summer dressing. Working with heavy textiles counterbalanced by the featherlike cotton-silk voile, we add depth to the collection through draping satin and crepe. The textiles movement and structure being paramount, brought to life by the summer breeze or the gentle caress of sunrays upon the fabric. Collaborating with a Danish/Peruvian female community for this collection, we introduce a soft alpaca yarn in a delicate, natural hue. Bridging cultures and continents, the slow approach to the material craftmanship honors the heritage techniques and resonates in us. As does their simple yet profound mantra: All we knit is love.

With soft nuances complementing the minimalistic forms and spongy suiting, we built a color palette that takes you from the warm arid tones to the fluid cold. Our leather accessory program expanding with black and tan, featuring sturdy silhouettes and distinctive hand- stitched cross detailing. We developed on the iconic pinstripe and worked with raw edges to convey an unfinished aesthetic, incorporating merino wool and crisp cotton to fashion a

contemporary collection that exudes longevity.

We immersed ourselves into the study of materials, understanding their essence, trusting our intuition, and allowing the character of the textile take center stage. Focusing on the feeling rather than perfection.

Runway looks

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By Senior Fashion Editor 24FashionTVChristina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad

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