Jessebelle Boutique – the master of bling

24Fashion TV had a chance to get an interview with Isabela Vasile, who known by Jessebelle Boutique.

Jessebelle Boutique is the epitome of luxury fashion and definitely a trendsetter! Everyone loves a bit of bling in their life and celebrities absolutely adore sparkles. Everything she makes is hand crafted and features high detail and intricate design. She is known in the celebrity world as the queen of bling.  Isabela Vasile, the designer and owner of Jessebelle Boutique is a Romanian born with a Canadian education. She is an artist, celebrity designer, photographer and model. She dressed multiple celebrities in LA, including Paris Hilton, Blue Face, Megan the Stallion, Tyra Banks, Mya, Dreezy, August Alsina, Miley Cyrus, Laylay and many more. She opened her first store in Venice Beach, California, then moved to Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, and finally to Las Vegas. She is also a fine artist, doing commissioned portraits of people and pets, a professional photographer and model, a tattoo artist and permanent makeup technician. She enjoys making jewelry and natural soap. Her creative mind is focused on perfecting every skill and talent God gave her. Her outfits are perfect for performers, for concerts, music videos, magazines, events but also parties and every day wear and rave festivals. Every design is unique and handmade. You can follow her Instagram to see her latest designs and talk about placing a custom order or shop her current inventory! @jessebelleboutique @isabelagallery Website 

24Fashion TV Tyra Banks magazine cover 1639877512 jpg

Tyra Banks on the magazine cover, wearing Jessebelle Boutique's crown

24FashionTV: Hi and welcome to 24Fashion TV! Please tell us a little about you and your background.

Isabela Vasile: My real name is Isabela Vasile, I was born in Romania in 1975 and lived there until I was 27. After I moved to Canada where I lived for 15 cold years.

Why America? 

America was my dream since I was 13 and discovered it through James Dean in communist Romania. I am a huge James Dean fan, I relate to him so much! I felt that this is my real home. I was stuck there and in Canada and I only moved there to be closer to my home. Finally in 2018 I made my dream come true, after I sold my house and invested over 100,000$ to get an investor visa and move here legally. 

What do you do? 

I did art all my life, I draw since I was 2 and I make clothes since I was 5, I was dressing my dolls. I studied art in many forms: acting, dancing, photography, jewelry making. Im also a writer, I published a few books. One is called Driven and is inspired form my life. 

Wow, so you are multitalented person. Where did you start working as a designer for the first time?

I was beloved in Los Angeles, so I opened my store there. I thought Venice Beach was a good place to open my store but realized my designs are more fitted for Celebrities so I moved on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood. 

Did you dress celebrities? 

Yes, when I had my store in Venice somebody introduced me to a famous showroom that dressed celebrities and they loved me and also many celebrities loved my designs. I was dressing celebrities 3 months after opening my store, it was a huge accomplishment for me. Also I continued to dress famous people that came in my store on Melrose Avenue.

24Fashion TV Gwen Stefani 1639877704 jpg

Gwen Stefani in Jessebelle Boutique outfit

What famous people did you dress?

My favorite was Tyra Banks, I did a crown for her for the cover of Remix magazine. I crowned te queen of fashion! The list continues, a lot of rappers loved my bling fashion, like Megan the Stallion , Blue Face, Dreezy, also singers like August Alsina, Mya, Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton. The list is long.

24Fashion TV Megan Thee Stallion 1639877626 jpg

Megan Thee Stallion in Jessebelle Boutique outfit

And do you still dress them?

Yes, I still have clothes in my showroom in LA and they still dress them.

24Fashion TV Blueface 1639877799 JPG

Blueface in Jessebelle Boutique outfit

Why did you leave Los Angeles and moved to Las Vegas?

I thought my designs would do well in Las Vegas because all the bling. 

And you started running your own magazine. Why? 

I always wanted to have a magazine, I have an art magazine but fashion is also very important to me. I am also a photographer and i shoot all my models. 

What does Jessebelle mean?

Jessebelle is a character I created, she is a fierce confident woman that never gives up and stands out from the crowd. Who wears my clothes becomes her. 

Is that your nickname?

People dont know my real name and call me Jesse. I love it! I am also called the queen of bling in Hollywood. 

What advice you give to young people? 

Never ever give up and always follow your dreams! They will come true! 

Thank you so much for the interview and we are looking forward to following your multitalanted career.

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24Fashion TV Jessebelle boutique 1 1639877910 jpg

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