Ingrid Kraftchenko – LFW SS21

The Ingrid Kraftchenko label is founded by British radical creative, artist, activist and fashion designer Ingrid Kraftchenko.

Born in Kent, England and trained previously in Architecture school, she graduated in Womenswear from London College of Fashion (2017). She lives and works in London and Berlin. She has gained critical acclaim for her utilitarian, avant-garde designs and for challenging modern luxury. She has garnered a cult following with her latest collections No Season20 at Somerset House and Hypnagogia at FOLD.

Ingrid Kraftchenko is a radical, immersive and subversive British uniform, utilitarian articles for the anti-fashion youth. The punk and experimental identity and mood is inherently autobiographical and born from her subculture of the techno and performance underground and infused by her radical friends and collaborators. Her newest collection KRAFTEKNO made specifically to showcase for London Fashion Week 2020 unites the 2, with integrated urban protection and electronics into the technical garments.

The film KRAFTEKNO SS21 was created exclusively for the official schedule of London Fashion Week, September 2020 by Liam Noonan with 3D construction software, allowing her to create a 100% virtual collection.

The Suitaloon is wearable technology and explores the design language of military, functional and utilitarian outfits. Significant modifications conclude in technical survival wear that incorporates complex hidden functionalities into the garments. Integral personal safety devices, integrated electronics to embed music in the garment, outer jacket detects pollutants in the air and alerts are sent via sound devices and LED screens allowing plug in to society. Total urban protection; hinting at espionage, security and invisibility.

Hidden devices and reactive materials used lead to the ability to avoid detection, using hydrochromic and thermochromic inks as camouflage on water resistant and fire retardant fabrics. Ultimately, a retaliation to the heightened levels of surveillance, air pollution, pandemics and other infringements of civil rights. Using technical fabrics and reconstituted garments into experimental into an experimental androgynous reactive survival suit which transcends seasonal trends. The radical armour has been developed to defend the self, and fight hazard and risk.

My work is a subversive utilitarian uniform exploring androgynous tailoring, reusing deadstock and focuses on the body as a site of social and political contestation, and subverting social conventions. THE FACE

Previously working as a performance artist for Marina Abramovi, Ingrid Kraftchenko started to design her collection by performing each of the characters she wanted to create. Titled Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (after the 1989 Pedro Almodvar film) the collection explored gender power play, and archetypes of women Cue the leather clad models their ensembles often with 80s power shoulders. DAZED

Ingrid draws on the current climate and feelings around her. Her collection focuses on those dynamics by referencing femininity along with emotions of anger, despair, euphoria, mania and desire. TV: What inspired you to channel your political frustration into art? IK: It was a very personal project inspired by my own experiences and women around me. It reflects our political struggles in the current youth culture. TEEN VOGUE

With Design experience at Margiela, Helmut Lang, AF Vandevorst, Barbara Gongini and having worked closely with Shayne Oliver on work for Hood by Air and Helmut Lang, she launched her own label in 2019. She is currently part of the Centre of Fashion Enterprise and supported by the UKFT.

She has collaborated with performers such as Sevdaliza, Anna Calvi, and Madonna plus more. Ingrid has established herself as an innovative, underground Designer who continually pushes boundaries within the fashion industry.

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