DIOR Spring-Summer 2022 Haute Couture Streetstyle

Dior Spring-Summer 2022 Haute Couture Streetstyle exclusively for 24Fashion TV.

By Fashion-editor : Christina V Henningstad  Production: Fashionview

24Fashion TV Valentina Ferragni Chiara Ferragni DIOR SS22 1644445612 jpg

Valentina Ferragni and Chiara_Ferragn

24Fashion TV Tamara Kalinic DIOR SS22 1644444977 jpg

Tamara Kalinic

24Fashion TV Maye Must DIOR SS22 1644445018 jpg

Maye Musk

24Fashion TV AminaMuaddi DIOR SS22 1644445233 jpg

Amina Muaddi

24Fashion TV Natalia Vodianova DIOR SS22 1644445303 jpg

Natalia Vodianova

24Fashion TV Nadia Tereszkiewicz DIOR SS22 1644445209 jpg


24Fashion TV Patricia Contreras DIOR SS22 1644445445 jpg

Patricia Contreras

24Fashion TV Lena Situations DIOR SS22 1644445701 jpg

Lena Situations

24Fashion TV Maya Sabbah DIOR SS22 1644445781 jpg

Maya Sabbah

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