VET Tv Announces Release of ‘Interpreters Wanted’

VET Tv's Newest Documentary Directed by Four-Time Emmy Award-Winning Army Veteran

The story of two Afghan interpreters, the dangers they faced supporting U.S. forces in the war in Afghanistan — and the simultaneous battle they fought to come to America — is the focus of Veteran Entertainment Television's newest feature-length documentary.

"Interpreters Wanted" centers around Saifullah Haqmal and his brother Ismail, educated Afghan men who choose to work with U.S. forces as interpreters, and Robert Ham, one of the deployed soldiers they befriended in their years of service to the United States. 

As Ham's deployment comes to an end, Saifullah and Ismail's support to U.S. forces continues for years afterward — living in the combat zone of Afghanistan isn't a one-year tour for them, it's their day-to-day life. As Afghanistan's elected government enters its final days, and the country crumbles around them, see the struggle one interpreter has to escape as the Taliban close in.

"This is the kind of documentary that we know our audience will connect with and will have an immediate impact," said Waco Hoover, VET Tv's chief executive officer. "The struggle Saifullah and Ismail have had is representative of the challenges Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders have been experiencing for years. Robert's story helps us understand the fear and uncertainty these men went through as Afghanistan's government fell around them."

Ham, the film's director, is a decorated Army combat veteran turned filmmaker. A 2016 Tillman Scholar and graduate of the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, he is also a four-time Emmy Award-winning storyteller.

"I'm grateful to finally be able to share this film with the world, some 14 years after it began," Ham said. "This is perfect for the VET Tv audience and their hunger for compelling and authentic stories."

VET Tv will hold a private screening for the film in Los Angeles on March 22. "Interpreters Wanted" is coming soon — see the teaser trailer and more here.  


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