Puretalk.ai Announces Availability of TTS+ for Reading

Available immediately on Speechki.org

TodayPuretalk.ai announced the immediate availability of TTS+® for Reading, creating audiobooks, audio blogs, podcasts, reading newspaper articles, and more.  TTS+® for Reading enables users to hear humanized reading with contextual voice changes, emotion, and personality. TTS+® for Reading is available immediately to convert text to speech at Speechki.org, which has already produced over 1,000 audiobooks on their ground-breaking platform for authors who want to convert their books to audiobooks at https://speechki.org/puretalk. Puretalk.ai can also clone authors' or celebrities' voices for the TTS+® platform.

"What Puretalk.ai has accomplished is very impressive," said Dima Abromov, CEO and Founder of Speechki.org. "We think TTS+® for Reading will be a great addition to our Text to Audio platform for creating audiobooks."

Not just for reading

In addition to TTS+® for Reading, Puretalk.ai will be coming out shortly with TTS+® for Conversations, and its RUTH® natural language understanding GPT Generative AI technology in 2023.

For More Information on Speechki.org: Speechki is an audiobook recording platform to scale publishers' audiobook inventories by several times using synthetic voices. We do for audiobook production what Ford did for car manufacturing. For more information, contact Sergey Garanov at [email protected].

For More Information on Puretalk.ai: Puretalk.ai offers a contextually aware set of voice cloning and natural language understanding tools. Puretalk.ai brings new possibilities to developers, enterprises, and integrators. Whether a company needs a humanized voice for audiobooks, podcasts, contact centers, improving conversational workflows, or building conversational-Al applications, the Puretalk.ai platform brings a new level of humanizing computers to human communications. We are the Voice of AI®. Contact Brian Garr at [email protected]

Contact Information:
Brian Garr
Chief Product Officer
[email protected]

Original Source: Puretalk.ai Announces Availability of TTS+ for Reading Puretalk.ai Announces Availability of TTS+ for Reading

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