NeuroSync Laboratories Publishes Peer-Reviewed Scientific Research Paper Demonstrating Anti-Nausea Effect of C-Infinity

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NeuroSync Labs today announced its pioneering research on mitigating “motion sickness” in virtual reality (VR) was officially accepted and published by leading science journal Neuroscience Letters.  

In the breakthrough study, NeuroSync Labs presented one potential novel solution to combat motion sickness in VR, showcasing a significant reduction of nausea in VR users employing the META Quest 2 headsets in conjunction with the newly launched C-Infinity whole-body controller. The C-Infinity is a new full-body game controller that allows gamers to enjoy their favorite fast-moving action games in VR using highly immersive technology that reduces motion sickness and enables safe playing in limited space. C-Infinity just completed a successful Kickstarter launch campaign. The product will still be available on Kickstarter at its regular price.  

Using the C-Infinity, NeuroSync facilitated a more immersive and comfortable VR experience for users. The company’s findings indicate a marked reduction in VR-induced nausea, paving the way to promote VR technology for broader applications across various fields.

The study’s highlights include:

  • Locomotion in VR in limited spaces
  • Reducing motion sickness to increase VR usage
  • Using the human body as a VR controller
  • Locomotion device to increase VR immersion and prolong usage
  • Making VR more inclusive

“The potential of virtual reality extends far beyond gaming,” said Dr. Slobodan Paessler, Co-founder of NeuroSync Laboratories. “VR holds promise for treating depression, supporting PTSD recovery, addressing vestibular organ disorders and improving accessibility for physically impaired individuals.” 

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About NeuroSync Laboratories

NeuroSync Laboratories is a 21st-century VR company based in Galveston, TX, that invests in hardware and software VR technologies for consumers and businesses to fulfill the broken promises of VR. NeuroSync Labs wants to enable all people regardless of their physical capabilities to experience true locomotion in VR and make VR completely inclusive. For more information about NeuroSync Labs or C-Infinity, please visit

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Original Source: NeuroSync Laboratories Publishes Peer-Reviewed Scientific Research Paper Demonstrating Anti-Nausea Effect of C-Infinity

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