Author Mimi LoBrasco’s New Book: ‘From Supermarket to $tock Market’ is a Peek Inside Wall Street That Offers Day Trading Strategies for Curious Stock Market Optimists

Recent release from Newman Springs Publishing: "From Supermarket to $tock Market - A Real Housewife's 'Recipe for $uccess - Learn How to Day Trade with Cookie Jar Ca$h" Author Mimi LoBrasco pulls back the velvet curtain to reveal boardroom and bedroom secrets on Wall Street and Main Street. Her story, part memoir, part guidebook, is told in a friendly, cheerful, conversational tone.

NEW YORK - September 9, 2022 - (

Mimi LoBrasco, a former Wall Street insider, has completed her new book: "From Supermarket to $tock Market - A Real Housewife's 'Recipe for $uccess - Learn How to Day Trade with Cookie Jar Ca$h." This interactive, pre-entry-level how-to handbook was written for curious stock market optimists. When LoBrasco and her husband woke up to find their "safe" retirement accounts nearly wiped out, she decided to take their financial futures into her own hands by implementing swing trading strategies. In a tone that could be from a best friend or beloved auntie, LoBrasco gives readers the straight scoop on how to take control over their finances and invest in themselves. 

Since the current shift in a (remote) work-from-home economy, Wall Street (fantasyland) is no longer limited to, or reserved for, the "keep-the-change" jetsetters and money-savvy penthouse population. LoBrasco's book is chock full of comical, relatable eye-witness essays and easy-to-understand trading tips that can be inspirational to Main Street readers. 

LoBrasco says, "If I can buy low and sell high, you can too ... if 'you' believe in 'you.' The rewards of financial freedom are absolutely achievable, especially for all you class clowns who never got accepted into an Ivy League college. I know this because I'm one of them, and proof!" 

Part Suze Orman, part Joan Rivers, LoBrasco takes readers deep inside Wall Street firms to show what really goes on behind closed doors. With humor, panache and enthusiasm, she outlines her preferred style of trading and personal recipe for $uccess. To get readers thinking about their own financial strategies, included are day trader tips, tricks and timetables to help guide, inspire and motivate future shareholders to run (all the way to the bank) with the bulls and the bears. 

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, LoBrasco's often hilarious, sometimes eye-opening accounts of Wall Street shenanigans will make some readers blush, but the overlying message is simple: with state-of-the-art technology and the availability of easy, do-it-yourself Internet trading platforms, making millions is no longer reserved for the wealthy elite. 

Readers who wish to experience this lighthearted and inspiring work can purchase "From Supermarket to $tock Market" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes &Noble.

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Original Source: Author Mimi LoBrasco's New Book: 'From Supermarket to $tock Market' is a Peek Inside Wall Street That Offers Day Trading Strategies for Curious Stock Market Optimists

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