ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vacationed, LLC is thrilled to announce the launch of its vacation consultation and concierge services which will elevate the customer service experience for timeshare and travel club members. The consultation service helps timeshare owners reconnect with their vacation ownership the right way, by helping navigate and resolve any barriers they may be experiencing. The subscription-based concierge service advises customers how to enjoy experiential vacations while maximizing the benefits of their ownership. In an industry plagued by countless so-called timeshare exit companies claiming to provide a “safe” or “legal” exit from timeshare ownership, Vacationed helps timeshare owners find real solutions so that they can get back to doing what they love – vacationing.

As one of the first brands to focus exclusively on the customer experience of timeshare owner and travel club members, Vacationed brings a positive voice and fresh look to vacation products. Founded by Corrine Gaxiola, a timeshare industry expert and attorney, Vacationed works to reconnect owners with the high-value proposition of their ownership. The company’s CEO explains that, “During my time as Associate General Counsel at Diamond Resorts, now Hilton Grand Vacations, I saw countless examples of owners who merely needed education, assistance and advice on how to use their timeshare product, but were taken advantage of by exit companies, paying tens of thousands of dollars to ultimately only have their credit destroyed. Unlike the illusory service of those exit companies, we aim to protect customers from scams and provide real solutions to ownership challenges. Our services aim to produce happy vacationers who utilize their vacation products, enjoy one-of-a-kind vacation experiences, and look to Vacationed for unbiased vacation advice.”

Vacationed redefines the industry’s customer service and satisfaction standards by providing advice and support that caters to each customer’s vacation preferences and removes obstacles to vacation ownership usage, backed by the industry expertise of its founder. From luxury cruises to immersive cultural tours, Vacationed also curates unique vacation experiences while facilitating timeshare or travel club usage. Vacationed’s experiential vacationing blog and social media, with occasional celebrity appearances, showcases extraordinary vacations with unforgettable experiences.

The company has already drawn positive reviews from industry experts. Mike Flaskey, the former Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Resorts, recognizes that Vacationed creates a win-win scenario for timeshare owners and developers. He explains that “Vacationed is bridging the gap between timeshare owners and developers by enabling owners to use and maximize their timeshares, it naturally enhances the overall value of these properties, which benefits the developers who can showcase higher levels of satisfaction among their clientele.”

About Vacationed

Vacationed launched in 2023 to deliver customized travel consultations. Vacationed believes that vacationing should be more than just a break from the daily grind—it should be an opportunity to create lasting memories and connect with the world around us.

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