Short-term, high-impact courses by PearlxStudio in fashion, styling, make-up, merchandising and interiors

NEW DELHI, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — It can sometimes be daunting to narrow down an area of interest and commit to a course. When it comes to the world of creative learning, there are so many interesting avenues to go down, from art and design to tech-enabled 3D and animation – the opportunities truly run the gambit. 

One may be a full-time professional with a penchant to learn something new, or perhaps, a student with an interest in a field of study that is outside of what one is currently pursuing. The underscored takeaway is that short-term courses are a smart way to invest in future. They offer flexibility, a platform to gain new-age skills, and a fast track to practical knowledge. 

PearlxStudio by Pearl Academy offers immersive 11-month courses including some new ones as per industry requirements, that pack a punch without the traditional time commitment. Guided by industry leaders, these learning modules are quite diverse. Offering courses from basic to advanced levels in Fashion, Interior Design and Media, PearlxStudio enables accelerated and holistic learning, not just for young learners but for anyone looking to upskill or reskill themselves. 

Listed below are some interesting power-packed short-term courses:

  • Fashion Design for Women’s Wear: The Fashion Design for Women’s Wear program is an 11-month course that offers students a deep dive into domestic and global fashion trends. The course focuses on nurturing innovative and creative voices through technical skills, and knowledge in contemporary and futuristic scenarios. This module helps prospective designers develop an aptitude for the professional application of theoretical knowledge in design development, production, merchandising, mass manufacturing and entrepreneurship.
  • Costume Styling: Costumes play a large part in the first visual communication that takes place on stage or the big screen. This programme has been designed to help students learn the technical, professional, and theoretical nuances of costume styling. This professional certificate course will teach them how to research, conceptualize, and source costumes that emerge through a process of character analysis; based on the script and the overall directorial concept of a project.
  • Fashion Design Menswear: This professional certificate programme stems from an extensive demand and industry requirement for prospective students who are interested in establishing practices at the forefront of the menswear fashion domain. The programme develops their imagination and individualistic creative identity. Students will study the historical journey of menswear coupled with iconic references and their relevance in the modern world.
  • Fashion and Celebrity Makeup: In this creative course, prospective professional makeup artists’ will learn to combine creativity and technical skills to get a critical understanding of the principles and fundamentals of the craft. The module will also allow exposure to global trends along with practical knowledge of working as a makeup artist in the industry.
  • Personal Styling and Image Consultancy: The eleven-month, high-impact course teaches students how to channel their personality through personal styling, appearance management, image enhancement and fashion content creation. Students will learn the theory and concepts of styling, along with the required techniques to succeed as a professional personal stylist. These skills are also put to practical use in mock sessions and pro bono consulting opportunities.
  • Fashion Buying and Merchandising: This program is meant to be a buildable foundation of the ‘fundamentals’ of the fashion industry. Covering important theories, through a series of lectures, practical classes, industry exposure and independent learning; this module will equip students to enter the industry ecosystem.
  • Styling for Interiors: This learning module, provides a comprehensive understanding of visual communication and the soft furnishing industry. Through intensive practical and applied training, prospective interior designers will learn to implement decorative techniques and strategies to create memorable spaces for their future clients. The 11-month course underscores the entire design journey from conceptualization and inspiration to understanding patterns, textures and layouts. Students also get practical insights into coordination with contractors, budget planning and optimization.

These courses are formulated with the next generation of creative learners in mind. Aimed at providing maximum information and exposure in a shorter amount of time, short-term courses are increasingly gaining popularity and rightly so. They are seamless enablers of quality education for any and everyone who wants to upskill their passion and mould it into a profession.


Short-term, high-impact courses by PearlxStudio in fashion, styling, make-up, merchandising and interiors

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