LovelyWholesale Launched Spring-Summer Collection Happy Women’s Day

SHANGHAI, March 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LovelyWholesale (“LW” or “the Company”), an international online shopping e-commerce clothing brand, adheres to the consistent concept of “customer-centricity” in its 2023 Spring-Summer collection, to meet the needs of all lovely women. LovelyWholesale is committed to providing inexpensive fashion trends products that are suitable for women of different styles. “I noticed some of our customers leaving comments on our social media saying that they can find everything they want on our website. I think that’s what we’re after”, Leon, CEO of Lovelywholesale said.

To better meet the needs of our customers, this year we updated two of our major collections “LW Edgy” and “LW Basic” this Spring. At the same time, we invited Ronhire and Fernanda, two popular influencers on TikTok, to shoot videos for these two fashion collections.

LW Basic collection is made for comfort, durability, and wearability. The hue of the clothing is simple, as well as the cutting. On one hand, this design is to let customers, according to their own style and matching rules, create and style clothes that suit themselves and show their beauty and confidence. On the other hand, based on the concept of sustainable development, LovelyWholesale hopes that its clothes can have a high utilization rate.

LovelyWholesale invited Ronhire to present this series. Ronhire is a famous Fashion Model and Tiktok Star. “In the beginning, Ronhire attracted us was that she made all her try on haul videos on a treadmill. It is fresh and close to real daily life occasions” said Jovan, the head of the Marketing dept. “It turns out that her amazing looks, cute smile, and cool personality did not disappoint us. The way she mixes and matches these basic casual outfits just gave LW Basic collection new life. “

The LW Edgy collection is totally different from the LW Basic collection. LW Edgy is made for birthdays, vacations, and some formal occasions with exquisite craft and unique style. In this collection, you can find birthday dresses with complicated craftsmanship, going-out dresses in sequins, and unique cut-out styles. Some dresses with beads are hand-sewn, which will be more durable than machines, and more wearable.

LovelyWholesale invited Fernanda, a famous fashion model, and big Tiktok influencer, to present this collection. “Fernanda is very attractive to us, and her self-confidence is also what we want to pass on to our customers through our LW Edgy collection. Every time Fernanda walks in our dresses, it makes me feel like she’s in a top luxury show.” Jovan said, “We think she can perfectly express the energy we want to convey in this collection.”

LovelyWholesale can provide you with clothing options for various occasions. Whether you’re shopping at the supermarket, heading to a friend’s party, or a music festival, LW’s 2023 Spring-Summer Collection will give everyone the confidence they need.

About LovelyWholesale: 

Founded in 2010, LovelyWholesale supplies more than 10 thousand types of fashionable clothing, shoes, jewels, sexy lingerie, and accessories. The company focuses on providing higher-quality products at competitive prices to customers all over the world. LovelyWholesale customers know they can trust us for everything they need from the latest trend-led pieces to celebrity inspired looks, to the everyday wardrobe staples and that ultimate party piece. LovelyWholesale expects every customer can find their loved style and enjoy shopping here. 

LovelyWholesale has factories and warehouses all around the world. With the great advantage of fabric resources and hundreds of fashion buyers, LovelyWholesale can provide customers with the latest fashion trends and affordable prices for the first time. Over the past 11 years of operation, LovelyWholesale has become one of the most popular online fashion stores in North America.

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LovelyWholesale Launched Spring-Summer Collection Happy Women’s Day

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