Boddess Beauty launches The Honest Tree, an exclusive and clean Bath & Body care line

A Distinctive Private Label Redefining Bath & Body Care Excellence

NEW DELHI, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Boddess Beauty, the leading omni-channel multi-brand retailer in India, serves as a beacon in the beauty and wellness sector. Since its inception, Boddess Beauty has been dedicated to redefining the quintessential customer experience. The brand’s commitment is unwavering — to empower every woman, helping her embrace the most confident and beautiful version of herself. To further this commitment, Boddess Beauty proudly introduces its private label, ‘The Honest Tree’ — a clean and vegan bath & body brand crafted in India, offering a diverse range of products for an unparalleled shower experience.

Rooted in nature, The Honest Tree’s array of bath and body products are pure, ethically sourced, and produced with an eco-friendly ethos, free from sulphates and parabens. The Honest Tree pays homage to nature, a perpetual source of gifts. With a mission to instill tranquility from skin to mind, their vegan and cruelty-free product line, encompassing body butters, body milks, sorbets, and cleansers, is thoughtfully curated for the Indian skin and body. The six distinct ranges from the brand aspire to elevate every Indian’s shower routine, offering therapeutic solutions that address modern-day challenges such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia through the art of aromatherapy.

In the realm of modern wellness, digital detox is paramount. The Honest Tree introduces a sensorial journey through aromatherapy in its range of bath and body offerings, activating each individual’s senses for a truly immersive experience

Deep Slumber – Lavender, Patchouli & Oatmeal: Promotes deep sleep and relaxation from within while Oatmeal calms the skin from irritants and pollutants and free radicals.
Bed of Roses – Rose: Rose petal water has a calming effect and used to reduce redness and inflammation.
Sweet Bliss – Burnt Sugar & Vanilla: Exfoliates while making way for new healthy skin cells.
Matcha Matcha – Green Tea & Aloe: Deep cleansing while controlling odour through antioxidant properties.
First Cup – Coffee: Antioxidant properties while gently exfoliating.
Morning Alarm – Satsuma: Brightens and invigorates while fighting pollutants and free radicals.

With a keen understanding of individual skin concerns and a profound awareness of the adverse effects of pollution and humidity on Indian skin, The Honest Tree has artfully developed an exclusive treatment-based range to combat issues like back acne. This particular form of acne frequently impedes individuals from feeling at ease in their own skin, restricting their sartorial choices. The meticulously crafted products from The Honest Tree are designed with precision to alleviate these concerns, granting our valued consumers the freedom to embrace their skin while steadfastly prioritizing its health and well-being.

Backane Lotion – Salicylic Acid & Niacinamide: The powerhouse blend in Backane Lotion is the holy grail for achieving acne-free, balanced, and even skin tone. Salicylic acid targets acne, while niacinamide works to even skin tone, leaving your body smooth as butter.
Body Scrub – Rice Brin, Green Tea & Lactic Acid: This trio in our body scrub is your go-to for brightening coloured skin. With rice bran gently buffing away dead skin and green tea protecting the epidermis, lactic acid joins in to reveal soft, renewed skin.
Body Scrub – Camphor & Multani Mitti: Harnessing the ancient wisdom of camphor and Multani mitti, our body scrub offers a deep cleanse and natural radiance, allowing your inner glow to shine through and unveiling a revitalized and luminous complexion.

“With a deep understanding of the Indian market and consumer needs, The Honest Tree has meticulously curated a range of budget-friendly products, harnessing the very essence of nature to offer a transcendent self-care ritual. We firmly hold the belief that skincare transcends facial care alone. Our earnest ambition is to elevate every Indian’s shower experience by presenting therapeutic products, derived from nature and meticulously formulated to address specific Indian skin concerns. This endeavor seeks to bring about not just physical revitalization but a profound sense of peace—from skin to mind,” affirms Mansi Sharma, Founder of The Honest Tree.

“We are thrilled to announce our foray into bath and body care. Aligned with the ever-evolving preferences of discerning consumers, we aspire for our homegrown brand to provide an experience to Indian consumers that rivals global brands in the market. At Boddess Beauty, we staunchly believe in delivering the finest products and choices to our valued customers. The Honest Tree encapsulates our core values, and we anticipate that the experience it offers will empower buyers to lead a more balanced and enriched life,” declares Ritika Sharma, Founder and CEO of House of Beauty/Boddess Beauty.

The Honest Tree range of products is priced from INR 479 to INR 599. The brand is exclusively available at Boddess Beauty stores and also on the Boddess Beauty website

About Boddess Beauty:

Boddess Beauty, promoted by House of Beauty Pvt. Ltd. is a beauty and wellness Specialist Company in India, which focuses on presenting global and cult celebrity beauty brands via various platforms. Launched at the time of a pandemic, Boddess Beauty has emerged as a successful business against all odds. House of Beauty is one of the fastest emerging beauty and wellness companies which aims at promoting several Indian and international renowned brands on their multi-brand e-commerce platform; and physical retail stores are providing customers an omni-channel and experiential beauty and wellness experience. Inspired by the grace of the female body and spirit of empowered womanhood, Boddess Beauty has been on a path to set a benchmark. 


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