An innovative social experiment applies technology to help raise awareness of missing children.

MIAMI, March 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AMIGOS FOR KIDS, a Miami nonprofit organization founded in 1991, is dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect by valuing children, strengthening families and educating communities. 

In its recent groundbreaking initiative, “The Missing Review,” Amigos for Kids ingeniously employed Google and Yelp reviews to raise awareness of missing children. Tapping into the digital landscape where 88% of internet users seek recommendations, the organization strategically placed information about missing children in five-star reviews for establishments near last-seen locations.

The novel use of digital platforms implemented a more dynamic and engaging approach than traditional awareness methods, such as billboards and posters. Business owners acknowledged and supported the campaign, and their participation further underscores its impact and reach.

This creative method of addressing such a pressing issue garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback, surpassing all expectations for engagement. With thousands of views and over 10 million impressions within two weeks, the experiment proved to be a potent tool in raising awareness for missing children and combating exploitation. Despite initial risks, the project propelled the cause forward and showcased the potential for replication on a national scale.

“We are immensely proud of these results,” said Karina Pavone, president and CEO. “This illustrates our capacity to innovatively harness digital platforms and effectively raise awareness of missing children. In collaboration with businesses and communities, we are reshaping the narrative surrounding child safety, demonstrating that collective action and digital innovation can truly make a difference.”

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Founded in 1991, Amigos For Kids is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect by valuing children, strengthening families, and educating communities. Amigos For Kids moves its mission of child abuse prevention forward through education, awareness, and advocacy programs. To fulfill its mission, Amigos For Kids relies on the support of generous individuals, corporate partners, and volunteers. The organization raises awareness through public service campaigns and high-profile fundraising events, such as Amigos Night (formerly Miami Celebrity Domino Night). To become an Amigo by donating your time or other resources to support the families, visit or call 305.279.1155.

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