The Crow reboot producer Sam Pressman says the film is “kind of an anti-Marvel film” and talks honoring his father’s legacy

The Crow reboot producer Sam Pressman says the film is “kind of an anti-Marvel film” and talks honoring his father’s legacy

Sam Pressman, son of prolific producer Ed Pressman, talks about rebooting the 1994 classic as something that will “blow people away.”

Deadline recently caught up with producer Sam Pressman, the son of legendary indie Hollywood producer Ed Pressman. Their production company, Pressman Film, has over 90 major films listed on its resume. The list includes such renowned movies as Wall Street, American Psycho and the original 1994 hit, The Crow. Sam Pressman now takes up the reins with the reboot of the famed James O’Barr graphic novel. This time, with It and John Wick: Chapter 4 star Bill Skarsgård as Eric Draven and Rupert Sanders in the director’s chair, Pressman is enthused with the film and what it will be for his independent studio.

Pressman tells Deadline, The Crow has been a very central and integral part of our company and I’m really proud of the progress and the work that has been done. I think the movie is just going to blow people away. Our partners want to approach it in a very 360 way, whether it be video games, an animated series or a universe, but it’s got this cosmic legacy that can expand beyond a singular story.”

Pressman added, “We’re finally at a point where we can really explore those other avenues because it’s such a unique property in that it is not a studio film, it’s not a Marvel film – it’s kind of an anti-Marvel film. I have the highest hopes for that and I really love what Molly Hassell has done in pushing it up the hill and Rupert Sanders is such a visionary.”

Sam also talks about how he will honor his father’s legacy going forward. Ed Pressman had passed earlier this year, and the father/son team had a close relationship working in the film industry. “It’s tragic that I don’t get to work with my dad anymore. But I felt like he really prepared me and always made me feel like I would be able to continue what he started. I want to be humble and approach the industry like my dad did early in his career by building alliances and not necessarily thinking first and foremost about money, but really about how the story is king and how the core of what we’re doing is a privilege.” 

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