Taken from Rio Bravo Exclusive: Trailer for western sequel drops

Taken from Rio Bravo Exclusive: Trailer for western sequel drops

The sequel to Gunfight at Rio Bravo, Taken from Rio Bravo, will be featured at the Cannes market later this month.

The upcoming western Taken from Rio Bravo has received its first trailer and we’re pleased to present it exclusively here on JoBlo!

The action-packed trailer starts off with an attempted robbery that results in juuuust about everybody getting a bullet to the chest courtesy of one nasty gunslinger. He joins forces with the seemingly more cautious sheriff, out to find his soon-to-be bride, nabbed by a group of bastards who take women over the border into Mexico. Judging by the trailer, Taken from Rio Bravo looks to be a tightly constructed picture with plenty of gunplay. And yes, that is our very own John Fallon in the trailer!

The official plot synopsis of Taken from Rio Bravo: “The action western sees the return of the mysterious Russian gunslinger who teams up with a sheriff in pursuit of a gang of sadistic human traffickers known as The Posse, who have kidnapped five women.”

The upcoming movie is a sequel to Gunfight at Rio Bravo, a highly enjoyable western actioner which came to theaters and home video earlier this year. As with the first, Joe Cornet (Incident at Guilt Ridge, A Prayer for the Damned) directs, while Craig Hamann (Showdown in Manila, Red Prophecies) has screenplay credit.

Taken from Rio Bravo stars Alexander Nevsky, who also led the aforementioned Showdown in Manila and Moscow Heat and is also a prominent bodybuilder who was named a three-time Mr. Universe. Director Cornet plays the plays, while the supporting cast includes Cynthia Rothrock, Irina Antonenko, Matthias Hues, Tatiana Neva, John Fallon and Don “The Dragon” Wilson.

Taken from Rio Bravo, which has been acquired by Premiere Entertainment, will be featured at this year’s Cannes market, which launches next week and runs until May 27th. As per the official release, Nevsky produced the film for Hollywood Storm alongside executive producers Eric Brenner for ETA Films, Joe Cornet for San Rafael Productions and Douglas “Fini” Finical.

What did you think of the trailer for Taken from Rio Bravo? Did you catch its predecessor, Gunfight at Rio Bravo? Check out some more exclusive pictures from the movie below!

Taken from Rio Bravo 3
Taken from Rio Bravo 4

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