Scream VI has surpassed last year’s Scream at the box office

Scream VI has already surpassed the global box office total of its predecessor, Scream (2022). Is Scream 7 right around the corner?

Last year, the Scream franchise returned the big screen after an eleven year absence – and last year’s Scream was such a hit, earning almost $139 million at the global box office on a budget of $24 million, that Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media quickly greenlit another sequel. Scream VI (read our review HERE) had a slightly higher budget, in the range of $35 million, but it’s also turning out to be an even bigger box office success than its predecessor. Scream VI‘s global box office total currently stands at $139.2 million. In just over two weeks of release, it has surpassed Scream 2022’s box office. So don’t be surprised to hear a Scream 7 announcement any day now.

If Scream 7 is put on the fast track, it sounds like Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the directing duo behind the two recent sequels, would be up for returning. They have even said they want to get Neve Campbell back to play franchise heroine Sidney Prescott for another sequel after she skipped Scream VI due to a pay dispute. Melissa Barrera, who played the character Samantha Carpenter in the last two films, also sounds eager to return. And she wants Salma Hayek to play her character’s mom.

Scream VI shows us what happens when the four survivors of the Ghostface killings leave Woodsboro behind and start a fresh chapter.

Those four survivors are the returning Scream 2022 characters played by Melissa Barrera (as Samantha Carpenter), Jenna Ortega (as Samantha’s sister Tara Carpenter), Mason Gooding (as Mindy’s brother Chad Meeks-Martin), and Jasmin Savoy Brown (as Mindy Meeks-Martin). They’re seeking to start a fresh chapter in New York City… but while the story is set in New York, the movie was filmed in Montreal.

Also in the cast are franchise regular Courteney Cox (as Gale Weathers), Scream 4 star Hayden Panettiere (as Kirby Reed), and new additions Dermot Mulroney as Detective Bailey, Samara Weaving as Laura, Tony Revolori as Jason, Liana Liberato as Quinn, Josh Segarra as Danny, Jack Champion as Ethan, Devyn Nekoda as Anika, and Henry Czerny as Dr. Stone.

Vanderbilt produced Scream VI with Paul Neinstein and William Sherak for Project X Entertainment. Original Scream screenwriter Kevin Willamson serves as executive producer alongside Chad Villella, Ron Lynch, Cathy Konrad, Marianne Maddalena, and Spyglass’s Gary Barber and Peter Oillataguerre.

In case you’re wondering how Scream VI‘s box office compares to other entries, here’s the full list, courtesy of The Numbers:

1. Scream (1996): $173,046,640

2. Scream 2: $172,363,301

3. Scream 3: $161,838,076

4: Scream VI: $139,293,000

5. Scream (2022): $138,874,789

6. Scream 4: $95,989,590

What do you think of Scream VI making even more money than Scream 2022? Would you like to see Scream 7 get made right away? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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