Rebel Wilson auditioned for a role in the next James Bond movie

Rebel Wilson auditioned for a role in the next James Bond movie

Rebel Wilson has confirmed that she auditioned for a role in the next James Bond movie (and stressed that the role wasn’t James Bond)

The Daniel Craig era has come to an end, and the search for the next actor to play superspy James Bond 007 has been getting a lot of coverage lately, as the search for a new Bond always does. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is rumored to be the frontrunner, some fans (including Tom Hanks) are still rooting for Idris Elba to get the license to kill, others are hoping Casino Royale runner-up Henry Cavill will get the job, Bond girl Ana de Armas suggested Paul Mescal, Taron Egerton has counted himself out, etc. But now Australian actress Rebel Wilson, best known for her role in the Pitch Perfect films, has revealed that the producers are already auditioning roles other than Bond for the next Bond movie. Wilson knows this because she auditioned for a role herself.

Wilson confirmed that she auditioned for the film while speaking to Variety. She hosted the BAFTA film awards last year and wanted to make some Bond-related jokes during the ceremony. As she explained to Variety, she had to clear those jokes with the producers of the Bond films – “which put them in direct contact and ultimately led to an audition. … (Wilson) stressed that the role she went for wasn’t actually James Bond, but rather another character in the movie. The audition took place last year, though the star played coy about whether or not she landed the gig.” The movie is still in the scripting stage, so if Wilson did land a role in it this early in the process that role would probably be crafted with her specifically in mind. So let’s ponder where Wilson could fit in for the next iteration of Bond. Moneypenny? Q? A new character?

We’ll have to wait and find out whether or not Rebel Wilson will end up being in the next James Bond movie, and the producers will probably want to announce the name of the new Bond actor before they say if Wilson is or isn’t in the supporting cast.

Would you like to see Rebel Wilson in the next James Bond movie? If so, who would you like to see her play? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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