Poll: Favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

DC promotes Batgirl on Blue Beetle standee

Batgirl continues to loom over DC, with the scrapped movie’s logo making its way onto a Blue Beetle standee among released titles.

How Spielberg convinced Will Smith to do Men in Black

Spielberg used a helicopter and lemonade to convince Will Smith to star in 1997’s Men in Black even though he wanted a break from aliens.

Weekend Box Office: Barbie still #1 while Meg 2 pulls off the upset in 2nd

It was a battle for second place with the difference between second and fourth place being just $2 million, but Meg 2 emerged the winner.

Chad Stahelski credits Bruce Lee for John Wick

Bruce Lee had such an impact on Chad Stahelski that he says some of John Wick’s traits come directly from the martial artist.

Interview: Ben Wheatley Talks Meg 2, Jason Statham, and monster flicks!

We speak with the director of Kill List and Free Fire, Ben Wheatley, about his latest, the Jason Statham sequel, Meg 2: The Trench.

Poll: Favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

What movie in the long running Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Franchise has been your favorite?

Matthew Broderick knows Ferris Bueller is his legacy

Forty years into his career, Matthew Broderick seems well aware that Ferris Bueller will forever be his trademark character.

Sharon Stone says famous Basic Instinct scene tame by today’s standards

More than 30 years removed from the release of Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone says her crotch shot doesn’t seem so controversial.

WGA and AMPTP meeting results in “no agreements”

A meeting between the WGA and the AMPTP indicated that the latter isn’t willing to budge on key issues that led to the strike.

Box Office Update: Barbenheimer still solid; Turtles comes in strong while Meg 2 does not

Barbie and Oppenheimer are continuing their amazing runs while Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem comes in above expectations and Meg 2 comes in $20 million shy of the original

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