Original Blue Ranger David Yost joins cast of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

David Yost, the original Blue Ranger, has joined the main cast of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury as a mentor to the young rangers.

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that David Yost will be joining the cast of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury as Billy Cranston, the original Blue Ranger.

David Yost was part of the original cast of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when it debuted thirty years ago (bloody hell). He left in the middle of the fourth season (Power Rangers Zeo) in 1996, later saying that it was because of continued harassment over his sexual orientation. Yost reprised the role for Netflix’s 30th anniversary special Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always and will be taking on a main role for Cosmic Fury.

We felt it would be a meaningful landmark for fans to have David return to the show in a significant role, playing a mentor,Cosmic Fury executive producer Simon Bennett said. “And on a personal level, it was a thrill to be working with the O.G. Blue Ranger. David’s calm and positive spirit kept us all grounded and reminded us of the Ranger legacy we were striving to do justice to.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

The original Blue Ranger isn’t the only classic Power Rangers character making a return, as the new season will also include Lord Zedd. “Lord Zedd has escaped, and this time his rampage extends to the farthest reaches of space!” reads the official Power Rangers Cosmic Fury description. “The Rangers need to find new Zords and new powers to face Zedd’s latest threat, and they won’t do so alone. Joined by some familiar faces, they will discover the power of the Cosmic Orbs and become the Cosmic Fury Rangers, armed with new uniforms, new weapons, and an entire new fleet of Zords! Ever the tech genius and master of logic, Billy’s help is crucial to the Rangers in their battle against Lord Zedd. Billy’s expertise shines as the team rallies to fend off both a galactic invasion and the potential undoing of all the good that came from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team.

It’s remarkable that the Power Rangers franchise has lasted so long, particularly as it has undergone multiple reinventions over its thirty-year history. While the franchise was never one I got into, I can appreciate the legions of fans who have kept it going all this time.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will debut on September 29th on Netflix.

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