Mayor of Kingstown: Jeremy Renner series gets renewed for a third season at Paramount+

The hit show from Taylor Sheridan sees a longer run thanks to Paramount+ and Jeremy Renner is set for returning to the series.

We’re in September of 2023, and Jeremy Renner has made a miraculous recovery since his snow plow accident back in January. The Avengers actor had a year of rehab but never truly left the entertainment world. Renner still had projects in the process of getting released while recovering after his accident. In addition to his Disney+ series, Rennervations, Mayor of Kingstown, the Paramount+ drama from Taylor Sheridan, who also brought us Yellowstone and Tulsa King, hit the streaming service with its second season, also back in January.

Fans of Mayor of Kingstown will now be pleased to learn that the series has been renewed for season 3 at Paramount+, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Renner will be returning to the show for the next season, and no 30 broken bones will stop him. The second season aired its season finale in March, but sources to the publication have said that the renewal of the show was made low-key in an effort to prolong the formal announcement until Renner makes it closer to a full recovery.

The Hurt Locker star has been very upfront and transparent with his rehab. Renner would post videos on his social media that shared his condition with his fans and followers. He would make appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and an interview with Diane Sawyer to further update and recount his incident. Then, as recently as May, Renner posted to social media that shared his current status, where he had been able to lightly jog on a treadmill for the first time since his hospitalization.

In Mayor of Kingstown, “Renner stars as Mike McLusky in the drama that explores the family who keeps the peace in a town filled with street gang, prisoners, guards and cops.” According to Paramount, the series is the third best performing of their original dramas, behind the other two Sheridan hits, 1923 and Tulsa King. Although, that vague account is the only real performance information Paramount shares, as the other streamers do. While the strikes continue, the only solid details available is its renewal as developments of the third season will not convene until the issues are resolved.

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