John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams: Carpenter has directed a TV series from his couch

John Carpenter has directed a TV series called John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams – and he didn’t even have to leave his couch to do it

Thirteen years have passed since the release of director John Carpenter’s (poorly received) last feature film, The Ward. Since making that film, the only things he has directed are a few of his own music videos. But now he has finally directed something more substantial – and he didn’t even have to leave his house to do it! During a panel at the Texas Frightmare Weekend convention, Carpenter revealed that he recently directed a TV series called John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams!

Carpenter revealed to the panel audience, “I just finished directing, remotely, a TV series called Suburban Screams – John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams. It was filmed in Prague, and I sat on my couch and directed it. It was awesome.

Whoever came up with the idea of having Carpenter direct something without having to get off his couch is a genius.

Details on John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams are sparse, but Prague Reporter was able to confirm that a project with that title “was officially registered with the Czech Film Fund when submissions re-opened this March. It was submitted by Milk and Honey Pictures. Milk and Honey Pictures are handling the Prague production of Foundation for Apple TV and Skydance, and their recent credits also include the Netflix horror series Haunted.” They go on to speculate that the show might have been filmed “at the spacious Prague Studios in Letňany, which is co-owned by Milk & Honey Pictures and has also served as a production studio for Foundation and Haunted.” And they’re probably right about that.

So we have John Carpenter directing a TV series with his name in the title that has something to do with terrible things happening in the suburbs. Sounds like a good time to me. Carpenter has had some success bringing screams to the suburbs before.

Are you glad to hear that Carpenter has made John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

Carpenter is also working on new album in his Lost Themes series, and might have a hand in a follow-up to his classic 1982 sci-fi horror film The Thing.

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