Free Movie of the Day: Fantasy film A Lobster Tale, starring Colm Meaney

The Free Movie of the Day on the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel today is the fantasy film A Lobster Tale, starring Colm Meaney

On the JoBlo Movies YouTube channel, we will be posting one full movie every other day throughout the week, giving viewers the chance to watch them entirely free of charge. The Free Movie of the Day we have for you today is the fantasy film A Lobster Tale, and you can watch it over on the YouTube channel linked above, or you can just watch it in the embed at the top of this article.

Directed by Adam Massey from a screenplay by Court Crandall and Andrew James, A Lobster Tale has the following synopsis: Kind-hearted lobsterman Cody Brewer cannot seem to pay enough attention to his wife or his teenage son. When Cody discovers odd green moss in one of his traps, he learns that the moss has supernatural healing powers. As the townspeople find out about the supernatural moss, Cody becomes the most popular man in town. But, with the option of making a profit, Cody must decide between helping others and helping himself.

The film stars Colm Meaney, Alberta Watson, Graham Greene, Jack Knight, Cliff Saunders, Joe Pingue, Bruce McFee, Keir Gilchrist, Erik Knudsen, Deborah Grover, Chris Benson, Gerry Quigley, Ken James, Jonathan Whittaker, Kevin Jubinville, Mark Lutz, Raffaele Carniato, Darryl Pring, Julian Richings, Dianne Latchford, Nola Augustson, Aron Tager, Bernie Henry, Wendii Fulford, Brendan Price, Kathryn Haggis, Carolyn Aked, Anne Tager Page, and John Nelles.

A Lobster Tale was the feature directorial debut of Massey. Since making this movie, he has also directed the horror films The Intruders and Man Vs., both of which were released in 2015.

So take a look at A Lobster Tale – it’s free! – then let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below or on the YouTube page.

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