Fight for Your Life: Jeremy Piven stars in supernatural gladiator movie

Jeremy Piven and Jamie Costa have signed on to star in director Luke Sparke’s supernatural gladiator movie Fight for Your Life

Jeremy Piven, who won three Primetime Emmy awards for his performance on the HBO series Entourage, and Jamie Costa, best known for his impression of Robin Williams in the 2021 viral video Robin, have signed on to star in the supernatural action movie Fight for Your Life, which Luke Sparke (Occupation: Rainfall) will be directing from a screenplay he wrote with Tom Evans.

Piven will be taking on the role of a soldier who wakes up in a mysterious cell and is forced to face an onslaught of deadly opponents in an ever-changing fight arena – his only goal being to survive long enough to return to his daughter.

Fight for Your Life is coming our way from Sparke Films, and pre-production is underway in Australia, where sets are already being built.

Sparke had this to say about the project: “Fight for Your Life places Jeremy in a morality battle with himself and a slew of opponents in a vast array of settings. I was drawn to do this film and push my limits in the action space while focusing a study on a single man and his will to survive. It’s a blast and a half and so thankful someone like Jeremy stepped up to this role, he’s a triple threat and can’t wait for audiences to see him in this!

Carmel Imrie and Carly Sparke are also producing the film, while Luke Sparke serves as executive producer alongside Geoff Imrie and Alex Becconsall co-produces, all for Sparke Films. S&R Films holds the sales rights and is presenting the project, complete with artwork, to potential distributors at the Cannes Film Festival.

S&R’s Gato Scatena provided the following statement: “This is the kind of action-packed, wild ride that I go to the theatres for and hit the ‘rent’ button on. It’s as simple as that. I know the story is going to really excite audiences, but having worked with Luke and his team before, I’m equally confident that the completed and polished product is going to set the film above and apart from any comparable titles.

I was sold as soon as the press release told me Jeremy Piven will be starring in a supernatural gladiator movie. Does Fight for Your Life sound interesting to you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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