Enter the Dragon (1973) Revisited: A Classic Turns 50

Enter the Dragon (1973) Revisited: A Classic Turns 50

Enter the Dragon, the seminal Bruce Lee martial arts film, turns 50.

For many of us, 1973’s Enter the Dragon ranks as one of the greatest action films of all time. Bruce Lee’s only solo big-screen English-language outing it’s the movie that turned him into a global icon and kicked off the kung-fu craze of the mid-1970s. Tragically, Lee would die before it ever hit theaters, but his legend remains vital to this day.

In celebration of the film’s 50th anniversary, we dig into the film and its lasting legacy. We examine how Lee’s philosophy made it richer intellectually than people give it credit for while paying tribute to the badass supporting cast. As good as Lee is, he’s ably supported by the late John Saxon and Jim Kelly, two American actors who also happened to be kick-ass martial artists in their own right.

We also dig into how the film featured early roles for future action legends Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan, who you can see in a blink, and you’ll miss it part as a henchman whose neck is broken by Lee. And then there’s the fantastic soundtrack by Lalo Schiffrin, which still ranks as the definitive martial arts movie score. Finally, we dig into how the film influenced scores of video games (Mortal Kombat), movies (Bloodsport) and more.

This episode of Reel Action is written and narrated by Travis Hopson. E.J Tangonan edits, while Chris Bumbray produces. Watch previous episodes below and let us know how you think Enter the Dragon holds up fifty years later in the comments.

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