Breakout: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie is a return to hardcore action

Breakout: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie is a return to hardcore action

The director of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comeback movie promises an old school action flick with very little comedy.

This weekend sees the release of Expend4bles (read my review), and its director, Scott Waugh, is already planning a follow-up action movie. This time, instead of Sylvester Stallone, he’s tearing up with another action icon: Arnold Schwarzenegger. As previously reported, the film, Breakout, stars Arnold as “Terry Reynolds. When his stepson, Daniel, is framed and sentenced to 25 years in a foreign country, Reynolds makes a daring jailbreak to save him and must overcome an overzealous prison warden in a race against time to avoid capture and flee the country.”

Recently, we spoke to Waugh and asked him about making Arnold’s latest. While he admitted that the strikes have brought the film to a temporary stop, he seems excited about its possibilities: “I think Breakout’s gonna be a really cool movie for Arnold. It’s really gonna get back to real hard Arnold. There’s not much comedy in it at all and it’s still him whipping ass at 75.”

For hardcore Arnold fans, that definitely sounds like a breath of fresh air. While his latest project, Netflix’s Fubar, has been a solid hit, there’s a lot of comedy in it – too much, perhaps. Many of us miss the days when Arnold was making movies like Predator, Eraser or The Terminator. Breakout sounds like it could be a great last hurrah for the former governor of California, even if it likely won’t get finished until the strikes are done.

You can see Expend4bles in theaters this weekend, and you can also catch Waugh’s Hidden Strike starring another action icon, Jackie Chan (with John Cena) on Netflix, where it unexpectedly became a smash hit despite being buried for years.

Are you excited to see Arnold Schwarzenegger return to hardcore action? Let us know in the comments.

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