Boudica: Queen of War trailer: Olga Kurylenko leads a blood-soaked rebellion against the Roman Empire in a new action drama

Jesse V. Johnson’s Boudica: Queen of War trailer stars Olga Kurylenko as a warrior queen seeking revenge on the Roman Empire.

Sharpen your sword and show us your war face because Saban Films‘s Boudica: Queen of War trailer is soaking the soil with blood as battle cries echo throughout the plains. In Boudica: Queen of War, Olga Kurylenko (Black WidowThe PrincessExtraction 2) plays a mother whose life is stolen when high-ranking members of the Roman Empire storm her lands, slay her family, and brand her a nobody in the eyes of the aristocracy. Unfortunately for the Roman Empire, the people still see Kurylenko’s character as their queen and would follow her onto any battlefield without question. Given the name Boudica by her loyal subjects, the would-be queen inspires her followers to take up arms in the name of freedom from the Roman Empire. What follows is a bloodbath of epic proportions as rage leads to a plan to topple the corrupt Romans and their overlords.

Jesse V. Johnson (AvengementHell Hath No FuryWhite Elephant) directs from his own script, with Kurylenko leading the cast. Others joining Kurylenko in the fight for freedom are Clive Standen (VikingsEverestRobin Hood), Peter Franzen (The GunmanPahat pojat), Lucy Martin (The SeedMalpracticeVikings), Nick Moran (The MusketeerThe Black Emperor of Broadway), Leo Gregory (HooligansStoned, Tristan + Isolde). Ehud Bleihberg produces.

Boudica: Queen of War, Olga Kurylenko, Saban Films
Boudica: Queen of War, Olga Kurylenko, Saban Films

Today’s Boudica: Queen of War trailer begins with a massacre before explaining how Boudica, a queen and goddess, will rise again to free her people from the Romans. Inspired by true events, Kurylenko’s character witnesses her family’s death at the Romans’ hands. Fueled by hatred for the Empire, the woman becomes Boudica, the prophesized woman warrior capable of leading her people to salvation. With her loyal subjects at her side, the mother-turned-warrior queen assembled an army to march on Roman territory and reduce it to rubble. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially a warrior queen.

Boudica: Queen of War storms theaters, On Demand, and digital platforms on October 27. What do you think about today’s Boudica: Queen of War trailer? The film looks like a fantastic showcase for Kurylenko, and who among us doesn’t enjoy a bloody revenge tale? Let’s go!

Boudica: Queen of War, Olga Kurylenko, poster

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