Travel Experts Reveal Their Best Packing Hacks

Seasoned travellers share their suitcase packing tips from travel wardrobe basics to practical tools and ideas, making trip planning easier than ever.

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Passionate about travel and making the whole experience as fuss-free as possible for their customers, the Inspiring Vacations team knows a thing or two about packing for a trip. From guided tours of Alaska to Scandinavia tours and everywhere in between, there are a few travel packing hacks that ensure travellers pack like a pro every time they head away on holidays. Here they share their top tips. 

Inspiring Vacations suggests keeping the basics in carry-on luggage including earplugs, a light scarf and medicines to ensure travellers are comfortable on flights. A small toiletry bag containing eye drops, moisturiser and hand sanitiser is also a must for the seasoned travellers. Including a spare change of clothes is also a good idea, just in case luggage gets lost.

Using coloured packing cubes helps to keep clothes organised in the suitcase, says Inspiring Vacations, making it easy to pull out what is needed without searching all the contents of the bag. See-through bags will also come in handy for keeping dirty and wet clothes separated from the rest. For those looking for extra space in their suitcase, Inspiring Vacations recommends stashing items inside shoes, including more fragile items like perfume bottles to keep them protected.

As for what clothing to pack for a trip, Inspiring Vacations says the best thing to do is write a list. It's a good idea to check the weather forecast and then write down all the activities, meetings, events and parties planned to avoid overpacking.

When it comes to those handy things that can help avoid hassles on a trip, the travel experts say a portable phone charger is a must. They also suggest buying a luggage scale to avoid any unwanted overweight baggage charges.

A proudly Australian-owned company, Inspiring Vacations offers an extensive range of detailed travel packages, including tours to Alaska created in partnership with their worldwide network of local travel experts. With a simple online booking system, keen travellers can easily browse the offers and find the best tour to suit them such as tours to Scandinavia, Alaska tours and more. 

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