Study Shows Faith, Spirituality Boost Mental Health, Especially During Isolation and Despair

Post-COVID, spirituality helped people be resilient

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A study released this week shows the positive effects of spiritual and religious engagement during COVID and similar times of challenge. The Fetzer Institute-funded study “What Does Spirituality Mean to Us? A Study of Spirituality in the United States Since COVID” sought to uncover shifts in the nation’s understanding of faith and spirituality in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The study was a two-year follow-up to Fetzer’s groundbreaking 2020 study of spirituality.

“The data produced through this project is like the Webb telescope, only instead of distant stars, it has revealed the interior lives of many Americans — how they think and feel about their relationship to a higher power,” writes University of Notre Dame Professor David Campbell in the study’s introduction. “These innovative data show that spirituality is like a vaccine, inoculating people against isolation and despair.”

The full study can be found here:

In a world where uncertainty often reigns, understanding the role of spirituality and faith becomes crucial. The Fetzer Institute's recent study, conducted by the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago — a respected independent research institution — reveals key findings about America's spiritual life amid the challenges of the COVID era.

Key Insights show:
—How spiritual and religious practices evolved during the pandemic and post-pandemic years.
—The significant role of nature and prayer in maintaining hope.
—The connection between spirituality and mental well-being.

Our comprehensive survey of over 3,600 Americans offers a unique window into how spirituality has not only adapted but also thrived amidst adversity.

Findings That Matter:
This study is more than just numbers — it's about real people and real experiences. It's a journey into the sacred heart of what keeps us grounded in times of crisis. Discover trends in spiritual beliefs and practices in a pre-pandemic and post-pandemic comparison — some may surprise you. Understand the diverse ways in which spirituality provides resilience.
Gain a deeper appreciation for the varied spiritual experiences in this nation.

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Original Source: Study Shows Faith, Spirituality Boost Mental Health, Especially During Isolation and Despair

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