Resin Rockers Unveils Exciting Addition: Perfect Finish Tumbler Epoxy Resin

"Resin Rockers Revolutionizes Tumbler Artistry with the Launch of Perfect Finish™️ Tumbler Epoxy Resin, Offering a Fast-Cure, Glass-Like Shine, and USA-Made Excellence for Artists and Crafters Worldwide"

Resin Rockers, the pioneering name in the resin and epoxy artistry world, is proud to introduce its latest creation, the all-new Perfect Finish™️ Tumbler Epoxy Resin, proudly made in the USA. This innovative product marks yet another milestone for the company, showcasing its dedication to delivering premium-quality supplies to artists and crafters worldwide.

Resin Rockers' journey began during the pandemic when Mandy Hull, the company's visionary founder, embarked on a mission to provide artists with top-notch resin art supplies and much-needed guidance. This commitment has propelled Resin Rockers to the forefront of the industry, offering an extensive range of products, including nine meticulously crafted formulas of UV and epoxy resin. 

The forthcoming Perfect Finish™️ Tumbler Epoxy Resin is set to expand the company's product portfolio by offering consumers a 1:1 formula that simplifies the mixing process, offers a glass-like shine, and provides a fast-cure time with a long working time. This addition is a testament to Resin Rockers' unwavering dedication to supporting the creative journey of its customers.

Mandy Hull, the driving force behind Resin Rockers, shared her enthusiasm for the new product: "Our Perfect Finish™️ Tumbler Epoxy is the result of our commitment to constant innovation. We've listened to our customers, and we're excited to provide a high-quality, USA-made solution specifically designed for tumbler artistry. This addition solidifies Resin Rockers' position as a one-stop destination for all things resin and epoxy." 

The new Perfect Finish formula was released on 10/26/23, making it the perfect holiday gift. Resin Rockers anticipates that this product will appeal not only to seasoned artists but also to those eager to explore the world of tumbler artistry. 

With this new addition, Resin Rockers strengthens its foothold in the resin art supply market, ensuring that customers have access to premium quality supplies for all their creative endeavors. As the company celebrates its thriving journey, it continues to inspire and empower artists globally.

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