KeepsakeMom Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Help Fund Development of DIY Breastmilk Jewelry Making Kits

Four Unique DIY Breastmilk Stone Jewelry Kits Allow Mothers to Preserve Cherished Stage of Motherhood

KeepsakeMom Breastmilk Jewelry Kickstarter DIY Breastmilk Jewelry Kits

KeepsakeMom Breastmilk Jewelry Kickstarter DIY Breastmilk Jewelry Kits

KeepsakeMom, a one-of-a-kind breastmilk jewelry company focused on unique creations that celebrate and preserve this special time between mother and child, is pleased to announce a Kickstarter campaign that will allow mothers to create their own breastmilk jewelry at home. The campaign aims to raise funds for the development of four different DIY breastmilk jewelry kits — appropriately timed for Mother's Day and featuring rewards centered around the holiday. 

Launching May 1, 2023, KeepsakeMom has a $10,000 Kickstarter goal to fund the DIY kit materials, design, and packaging. Pledges will be accepted through Mother's Day on May 14, with a 7-tier rewards program:

  • Pledge $79 or more to receive the Super Early Mother's Day price
  • Pledge $89 or more for the Early Mother's Day price
  • Pledge $99 or more for the Mothers' Day Kickstarter price
  • Pledge $179 or more for the Mother's Day BFF package, and receive two DIY kits
  • Pledge $189 or more for the Mothers' Day Mix & Match, and receive two different DIY kits
  • Pledge $249 or more for two DIY kits and a behind-the-scenes studio tour video
  • Pledge $449 or more for the Mother's Day Superstar price and receive all four DIY kits and the behind-the-scenes studio tour video 

Each DIY kit celebrates and honors a mother's breastfeeding journey, serving as cherished mementos of the commitment and determination required of breastfeeding. Since every mother's breastmilk is different, with different shades and consistencies, each piece of breastmilk stone jewelry is entirely unique and personal. DIY Kit No. 1 is Harmony, a ring with seven dainty, customizable breastmilk stone gems beautifully inlaid in a gold-plated setting. DIY Kit No. 2 is Burst of Love, a breastmilk stone ring featuring a 6x8mm custom-made, oval-shaped stone that is inlaid on each side with a cluster of dazzling cubic zirconia. Bundle of Joy is DIY Kit No. 3, featuring a breastmilk stone ring with a rounded oval stone set in a 114-gauge silver band. The final DIY kit is To the Moon and Back, a necklace that transforms breastmilk into a beautiful keepsake pendant with pearl powder for a pearlescent look and opal effect. 

The high-quality DIY breastmilk jewelry kits provide everything needed for at-home creations, including breast milk preservation powder, syringe, parchment paper, liquid acrylic resin, liquid resin hardener, mini measuring cups, stirring sticks, silicone mold (depending on the setting), stirring stick, toothpicks, jewelry setting, jewelry box, mini funnel, mini glass container, and step-by-step instructions. Creators may also choose to add additional personal elements for further customization, such as color shimmers, gold or silver flakes, and even a lock of their baby's hair. 

"We're thrilled to be launching this Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for unique, beautiful breastmilk jewelry making kits that will help countless mothers forever preserve this cherished time in their life," said KeepsakeMom Founder Anna Thachuk. "A woman's breastfeeding journey represents the start of a beautiful bond between mother and child, and these pieces of keepsake jewelry celebrate that emotional closeness and serve as a lifelong reminder of their beginnings."

The KeepsakeMom Kickstarter campaign will run from May 1-15, with packaging design and materials purchased between May 16-31. Packaging production will take place from June 1-15, with kits assembled and shipped between June 16-30. Estimated delivery for all pre-orders made through the Kickstarter campaign is July 2023.

KeepsakeMom has been creating exquisite breastmilk jewelry since 2020. The company's breastmilk jewelry line is a unique collection made entirely from breast milk, inspired by Thachuk's personal story. She found breastfeeding to be a blissful bonding experience with her first child, only to be disheartened just two months into her breastfeeding journey when her supply rapidly diminished. Understanding the incredible value of breast milk and the bond it fostered with her child, she decided to learn the art of breastmilk curing to create these stunning works of art. You can see the full collection of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and more, and learn more about Anna's story, at

For questions regarding the Kickstarter campaign, email [email protected]. You can learn more about the Kickstarter campaign and make your pledge at: 

Contact Information:
Jeff Thachuk
[email protected]

Original Source: KeepsakeMom Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Help Fund Development of DIY Breastmilk Jewelry Making Kits

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