‘Fifty United Plates’ Collection by Lark at Home: Celebrating America, Plate by Plate

Built for our neighbors, born of their bounty, and made only greater in its relation to another person, another place - a spread known as The Fifty United Plates®.

Every state holds a memory, a story, a cherished moment for the people who call it home. Lark at Home, renowned for their heartwarming kitchen wares, lovingly captures these stories with their "Fifty United Plates" collection. This unique collection honors each of the 50 U.S. states, serving up not just a meal, but also the nostalgia, love, and pride of home.

"More than just a collection of plates, it's our love letter to the rich tapestry of American culture, landscapes, and cherished family stories from every corner of the country," shares Ryan Lawless, at Lark at Home. "Our aim is to make every meal a journey, a homecoming, a celebration."

Highlights of the "Fifty United Plates" collection:

  • Narrative Designs: Every plate, an artwork, tells the tale of its state, igniting conversations and memories around the dinner table.
  • Crafted with Care: Made with porcelain, each plate is both a piece of art and a testament to quality.

For those far from home and for those who simply cherish the magic of shared tales and meals, "Fifty United Plates" is your journey home, one plate at a time. Experience the warmth of the collection and more at www.larkathome.com.

About Lark at Home: Lark At Home's aesthetic is a hit with contemporary families and design-forward consumers. Their mission is to provide modern wares of the highest quality made in the most capable, ethical production settings. A husband and wife design team, Kaitlyn and Ryan Lawless, they are based in metro Detroit, Michigan.

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