Experts Explain the Importance of International Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can save travellers from potential headaches as well as protecting them from having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars from their own wallet.

Experts Explain the Importance of International Travel Insurance
Inspiring Vacations

Inspiring Vacations

MELBOURNE, Australia - October 31, 2022 - (

According to travel industry experts, Inspiring Vacations, who offers outstanding experiences around the world including tours to Egypt and tours of Cape York, whether travellers are in the research phase of planning a trip or they've already booked, now is the time to ensure they are covered. Here they share why it's critical to invest in travel insurance.

As Inspiring Vacations explains, the cost of travel insurance varies based on the destination, duration of the trip and the traveller's personal characteristics such as age and the kind of cover they would like. Essentially, the cost of travel insurance is calculated based on the amount of risk to the insurer. While some travellers may not deem it necessary, Inspiring Vacations says the potential loss from a cancelled trip, delay or emergency is likely to be greater. 

Insurance for international trips such as Egypt tours tends to be pricier than domestic travel such as tours to Cape York and insurance for each country or region attracts different levels of risk determined by insurance companies. 

Travel insurance can help cover emergency medical treatments, which is especially relevant for those with any pre existing medical conditions or those planning to travel for a significant amount of time. Some insurers won't cover pre existing medical conditions while others will increase the premiums to compensate for the risk.

Inspiring Vacations explains that even if a country has nationalised health care, non citizens may not be covered and those without travel insurance can be stuck paying hefty medical bills out of pocket. 

Trip cancellation is included in many comprehensive travel insurance plans, with the potential for travellers to claim up to a 100% reimbursement for a pre paid trip. Inspiring Vacations says there are many reasons a trip may need to be cancelled such as unexpected injury or illness or another situation out of the traveller's control. As with any type of insurance policy, Inspiring Vacations recommends travellers carefully review the acceptable reasons for a trip cancellation approved by the insurance provider.

To discover the great range of experiences on offer such as Cape York tours and the best guided tours Egypt wide, get in touch with Inspiring Vacations.

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