MetaBlaze Announces Official Sponsorship and Event Partner of NFTNYC

MetaBlaze to host an immersive Web3 experience live in New York City: 'Escape Reality - A journey into Galaxia Blue.' The Event will take place at the renowned Immersive Art Studio, Lume Studios, located at 393 Broadway Street in New York City.

MetaBlaze x NFTNYC

Image depicting MetaBlaze NFT character entering a futuristic city.

MetaBlaze is proud to announce its official sponsorship and event partnership with NFTNYC. As part of this exciting collaboration, MetaBlaze is hosting "Escape Reality - A Journey into Galaxia Blue," an immersive experience that promises to take attendees on an unforgettable voyage to the first known galaxy to materialize in the MetaBlaze universe.

"Escape Reality - A Journey into Galaxia Blue" is not an average event; it offers a unique and sensational experience that blurs the line between the physical and virtual worlds. The event features 4D visual projections, interactive elements, holograms, an underground NFT space, and mesmerizing soundscapes.

The first foray into the mysterious depths of Galaxia Blue begins by entering the physical space of Lume Studios. The legendary experience design studio is best known for its work with international superstars like Bille Eilish and OVO Sound. It is the partner of choice for industry-leading brands like Apple and Adidas.

Attendees will step into a world where anything is possible and encounter a range of interactive elements designed to transport them into the MetaBlaze universe. The 4D visual projections will immerse participants in the world of Galaxia Blue while the enchanting soundscapes boost the sensory experience.

"Escape Reality - A Journey into Galaxia Blue" - What to Expect?

One of the event's main attractions is the hybrid escape room challenge that interweaves the physical space and the digital plane of the MetaBlaze universe. The MetaBlaze community will finally explore Dryden's Room, solving enigmas to unlock crypto and NFT rewards. 

The experience is a profound puzzle, full of mystique, clues, and hidden secrets. Participants will have to use their wits and creativity to solve the challenges and escape.

In addition to the escape room challenge, attendees can head down to 'The Black Out' room, an underground vault showcasing the inhabitants of Galaxia Blue. Attendees will be plunged into the compelling lore of the MetaBlaze universe and learn how they could win a $25,000 prize paid in Bitcoin (BTC).

MetaBlaze's "Escape Reality - A Journey into Galaxia Blue" event is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in the intersection of Web 3, gaming, and AI. The event is entirely free to enter, with 77 bonus passes available via Eventbrite to claim free MetaBlaze merch, redeemable at the event venue.

For the first time ever, the MetaBlaze community will finally be able to meet and network with like-minded individuals who share a passion for technology and gaming. 'A Journey into Galaxia Blue' has been designed to create a captivating and interactive experience that will leave a lasting impression on all participants and bring the MetaBlaze team's vision to life.

MetaBlaze's "Escape Reality - A Journey into Galaxia Blue" 

Where: Lume Studios, located at 393 Broadway St in NYC 

When: April 15, starting from 12 pm EDT 

Tickets: Eventbrite

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